The International Conference INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, SOCIETY – CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES – FOURTH EDITION, October 6th, 7th, 2021 Bucharest, Romania. Due to COVID-19, this fourth edition was organized only online!

 Organizing Institutions:

“Francisc I. Rainer” Anthropology Institute of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest Romania

The Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta (LUMSA) Human Sciences Department, Rome, Italy
Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Institute for Population and Human Studies. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

About the “The International Conference INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, SOCIETY – CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES – FOURTH EDITION, October 6 - 7, 2021

1. Thanks for the challenging event, the excellent organization of the conference as well as publication. We hope to meet again at the next edition of the conference INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, SOCIETY – CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES.
Best regards,
The team of participants from Italy



2. Dear Cornelia,
I want to thank you for your great effort in organizing the conference, it has been a wonderful chance to share our research.
Kind regards,
Simona, Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta



3. Thanks a lot for this great scientific event important for each of us.
We hope we will meet again at the new edition
Kind regards,
Prof. Daniela Roventa-Frumusani



4. Dear Cornelia,
Thank you very much for your great work on organizing the Conference. The Conference was very diverse and representative
Kind regards,
Tatyana Hurbo



5. Dear Professor Rada,
Thank you once more for your wonderful organization during the CONFERENCE “INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY, SOCIETY – CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES 4thEDITION”.
Best regards,
Prof. Stoyan Novakov



6. Thank you very much!
It was an honour for me to take part in this Conference!
See you to next conferences!
Kind regards,
PhD. Gabriela Boangiu



7. We are delighted with the quality of communications and debates. it was a conference of high academic standing. Thank you!
Prof. Valerica Celmare



8. The international conference was really very well organized, all the participants were informed, everything was explained clearly to us. I found really good attitude and cooperation from all the organizer. I had the chance to listen to very interesting oral presentations and meet other participants and talk to them, which was very useful for me. I would be honoured to participate in the next International Conference in 2023.
Best regards,
dr Harizanova, Bulgaria



9. As all the previous editions of the Individual, Family, Society International Conference, the 2021 edition was an extremely prolific and valuable meeting of specialists, theories, and schools of anthropology. Congratulations to the organizers!
Good luck to all the participants in their projects!
PhD. Corina Bistriceanu Pantelimon



10. Dear Cornelia, thank you so much!
This is a very serious achievement for you and your working team, and I am grateful for the efforts you make in developing the professional network of our institution!
In sign of my great appreciation,
Sincerely, PhD. Marin Constantin



11. Dear All,
Thank you so much for the publication. It was a pleasure to be part of the congress.
Best regards,
PhD. Sofía López, Universidad del Azuay


12. Thank you dear Cornelia and dear Adina !
It was a great honour to be part of your esteemed Conference.
Great organization and very interesting and valuable presentations.
Best wishes,
PhD. Tanja Pavlica



13. Dear Rada,
you are welcome. I am glad that we were able to attract colleagues from the Academy to participate in the conference, and to present some of their research. Thank you for your efforts and for the positive atmosphere! I am pleased that despite the difficulties of the time in which we live and work, all participants made an effort to acquaint us with their scientific results. I hope that the conference will be a start for future joint activities for colleagues!
Best regards, Ergyul


14. The conference was a success, the materials presented (almost 100% of the authors) were of high quality. The authors’ slides were well crafted and suggestive. A pleasant and collegial atmosphere was created.
PhD. Rafal Smoczynski, Poland

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